The Region's Team Of Northwest Indiana


#36 Norman Standish, P


Position: P
Date of Birth: 05/23/2018
Height: 5' 11"   Weight: 168 lbs
College Experience: South Suburban
Bats: R
Throws: R
Hometown: Highland, Ind.


It didn’t take Norman Standish long to notice the difference between playing baseball at the high school level and the collegiate level.

The South Suburban College freshman pitcher saw the difference immediately.

“My first start I gave up two doubles right away and realized, ‘Man, you can’t hang sliders here,’” Standish said. “It was a little bit of a transition. Once I got about three starts out of the way, I got it worked out.”

Part of what the Oilmen and the MCL are all about is helping players gain important summer innings or at-bats that will expedite their development. Standish is on the long list of players who will fit into that category this summer while also contributing to the success of one of the MCL’s traditional powers.

“I want to work on my changeup and adding that fourth pitch,” Standish said. “The most important thing is to get some innings in. I love baseball; I love being around it. I even love practices. When I’m out on the mound, I’m pretty competitive.”

Another part of his plan for this summer is to incorporate strength training into his baseball work.

“I’m working on getting stronger – I’m a pretty small guy right now,” Standish said. “I want to get bigger, stronger and more flexible. That’s a good thing for me to work on.”  

Standish made his way to the Oilmen thanks to a recommendation from South Suburban head coach Steve Ruzich, who received a phone call from Oilmen manager Adam Enright asking about players. From there, Enright touched base with Standish and the addition was made.

“I’ve heard that the stadium is awesome,” Standish said. “I know the Oilmen are always a good team with good players. I’m really looking forward to this summer.”

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