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Isaiah Coupet 4th Round Colorado Rockies

03/02/2024 1:09 PM -

Isaiah Coupet gained confidence while playing for the Northwest Indiana Oilmen in 2020.

At the time, he was just 18 years old and hadn’t even thrown a pitch at Ohio State.

“I was young. I felt like I was the youngest person on the field. That’s where I learned that age doesn’t matter. It’s about what you got,” Coupet said. “Experience matters a little bit but what matters is day to day, what you do.

“Take each day slow. Process everything. That’s what I learned being with the Oilmen.”

Coupet, a left-handed pitcher, was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round of last June’s MLB Amateur Draft.

He’s listed among the organization’s top prospects by MLB Pipeline and threw 4.1 innings last year between the rookie league and the A Fresno Grizzlies. He allowed no runs, one hit, and one walk, and struck out six.

He said the feedback from the Rockies was all positive.  “I thought I threw well, especially for just a little adjustment period from college to pro,” he said. “I was going right after hitters and not walking people.” Coupet was surprised by the amount of free time in the pro ranks. There are no college classes or other responsibilities for professionals. It’s all about baseball, all the time.

“It was everything I expected it to be and a little more,” Coupet said. “I’m getting used to playing everyday things. That took some getting used to but I’m ready to get going for next year.”

My long-term plan is still to be a starting pitcher. To that end, Coupet spent the offseason in Chicago working on getting stronger and increasing his velocity. He’s listed as 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds. 


“The priority was working on that fastball,” Coupet said. “I made some progress. I’m trying to throw it up in the zone instead of down this year. I’m getting more comfortable with it as time goes on.”


No one ever doubted his breaking pitches. Both his slider and curveball average a spin rate of over 3,000. A typical MLB pitcher averages around 2,500. That kind of stuff made for a stellar college career with the Buckeyes. He struck out 72 hitters in 50.2 innings and walked only 16.

The aim for the coming season is to move up a level or two in the minor league system.

“I’m trying to get out there and dominate, show I belong,” Coupet said. “That’s the goal.”