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Oilman Stan Celebrates Third Birthday

06/10/2014 8:03 PM -

Oilman Stan celebrated his much-anticipated third birthday on Friday, June 6 on the Oilmen’s weekly BP Family Friday Night. While the game ended in a 3-1 loss to the hands of the Michigan City Lakers, the outcome did not dampen the birthday celebration.

Oilman Stan was introduced to the crowd at the beginning of the game of what was a beautiful evening at Oil City Stadium. The bottom of the third inning marked the Mascot Race and while Stan could not beat out his fierce competition, he was able to put a smile on his opponent’s face, a young Oilmen fan, as he crossed home plate, just as he has done for the past three years.

Oilman Stan is there for the fans, especially the kids. Whenever he is able to make them smile, the Oilmen smile. He has embodied what it means to be an Oilman for the last three seasons.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Oilmen family welcomed Oilman Stan back to the field to receive his larger than life birthday card and a stadium-wide rendition of singing “Happy Birthday.” A song that is always known to be out of tune was not, as the stadium sang in unison to their beloved mascot. After the song was over, Oilman Stan went back to the concourse to spend time with fans, have his card signed and most importantly, tried to finish his delicious birthday cake, with the help of his favorite fans.

Throughout the entire evening, Oilman Stan took pictures with fans, players and the entire Oilmen staff and there were nothing but smiles on all of their faces. While baseball can be a competitive game, it is also a great pastime and companion sport to many who watch; it is always there. The celebration of Oilman’s Stan’s birthday mirrors this idea, as he goes hand in hand with the Oilmen, through thick and thin, and always brings a sense of happiness to the Oilmen and Whiting community. Just like baseball is at our side, Oilman Stan is at our side, continuing to represent the Oil Refinery and hard workers within the community that serve as the backdrop and backbone of Oil City Stadium, the Oilmen and Whiting, Indiana.

While he may be the only three year-old that is six-feet tall and has a full-grown moustache, he is still the best mascot in all of sports and the Oilmen family wishes him a very Happy Birthday and cannot wait to do it all again on June 6, 2015.