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Zack Jones to Return for Second Year with Oilmen

01/12/2015 12:57 PM -

Whiting, Ind. – Jan. 12, 2015 – When Oilmen manager Adam Enright sent Zack Jones a text message asking him to return for a second summer with the team, he didn’t have to wait long for a response.

“I didn’t have a place to play going into winter break, and then I got the text from Enright,” Jones said. “Of course I want to return; it feels good to be back. It’s a fantastic place to call home for me for the summer, and I’m ready to play some ball.”

Jones, a sophomore catcher at Trinity Christian College, batted .253 in 30 games with the Oilmen in 2014, slugging one home run and racking up 13 RBIs.  He played a critical role in Northwest Indiana’s franchise-record seven-game winning streak in June, drilling a run-scoring double off the left-field wall to lift the Oilmen over Joliet 1-0 for the seventh straight victory.

As the Oilmen enter a new managerial era with Enright, a former assistant coach, taking over for Justin Huisman, perhaps nobody is more qualified to speak about the differences between the two than Jones.  He plays for both Huisman and Enright at Trinity Christian, and did the same with the Oilmen in 2014.

“Huisman’s more of a reserved guy,” Jones said. “He’s quiet, but when he gets passionate about something, it’s very vocal. He likes to talk if you engage him. Enright’s almost the same way, but he’ll be more vocal on the bench and will talk to you about anything. Enright’s a cool guy and I’m excited to play for him over the summer.”

Jones will compete with senior Mark Munizzi for the starting job behind the plate at Trinity this spring. Munizzi has also played in the Midwest Collegiate League, spending time with the Southland Vikings.

After graduating from Maine South High School in 2013, Jones originally committed to Trinity International, but decided to go elsewhere after the departure of coach Luke Cassis. From there, he took the junior college route with a one-year stint at Harper.

Jones hit .297 and threw out 19 base runners as a freshman at Harper, before making the decision to spend his sophomore season at Trinity Christian.

“I love it there,” Jones said. “It’s been an amazing experience and I think I’ve done well for myself. It’s my home now, and I’m glad I made that choice.”